Monday, 23 September 2013

"Let them come" - Inspiration&Ideas on The Siege of Helm's Deep

Every project starts with an idea. I loved the battle of Rohan and Isengart in the books and savage appearance of the fighting uruk-hai in the movies. As I had a reasonable isengart army at the time I could figure out a better scene for a diorama than the dramatic siege of Helm's deep.

I started with gathering materials, mostly online but watched the battle scenes from the film in the process. The second film was an excellent resource but as helm's deep is a huge fortress I had to decide which elements I wanted to use. Here are some pictures from the scenes that I tried to incorporate into the showcase.

 The main siege assault with the uruk-hai climbing the walls with ladders. (© New Line Cinema)

 King Theoden and the captains of his royal guard awaiting the attack. (© New Line Cinema)

 Brave rohirim maning the battlements of helms deep. (© New Line Cinema)

A uruk-hai captain command his troop into battle from a huge rock. (© New Line Cinema)

The next update will contain some work-in-progress shots aswell as information on the materials and methods used to build the showcase. Stay tuned!

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