Thursday, 27 November 2014

Returning to Moria - once more

Alright, after finishing the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm I was up for a new project. I got hands on an old metal cave troll with hammer and chain which went out of production at that time and started painting it right away. I like painting large miniatures and the fierce troll was a lot of fun. I started thinking on how to showcase the cave troll the best way and searched for inspiration. After watching the Moria part of the fellowship another time I knew what to do:

To showcase the epic confrontation of the fellowship with the cave troll I will build a diorama of balin´s grave or more precise the Chamber of Mazarbul. On my shelf the cave troll was kind of a companion who kept me motivated when I lost focus for my ambitious plans about all the details and lighting.

I haven't based it yet because I want it to match the floor of the diorama. In the next update I will hook you up with the details on my inspiration and planing for the Chamber of Mazarbul diorama.

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