Friday, 30 August 2013

My first attempt at macro fotography

Unfortunatly things move on a lot slower than I had hoped for. My first attempt for a cost-efficient set of photo and video equipment wasn´t such a good choice as the quality of both pictures and videos doesn´t meet my own expectations. As better equipment costs (a lot) more money I borrowed some equipment to test its capabilities (and my own, photography is a science of its own).

The first tesst were promising, but I will do a couple more in the near future and share the results with you before I settle for a new set of equipment. Here are some work-in-progress shots of my miniature from the heroes of helms deep. Haldir was converted to a melee dualwield from the original bowmen.

Please keep in mind that these pictures are work-in-progress concerning quality, background and lighting. I am still working out how to take decent macro pictures.

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