Monday, 11 May 2015

Lord of the rings tabletop hobby is becoming even more expensive

With lots of the original games workshop models gone out of production I noticed a vast increase in prices for almost every miniature from the range on ebay(except for the ones that flooded the tables from the Deagostini magazines). It's kind of funny (and sad) that the products GW dropped because of a lack of demand and revenue became instantly "rare collectibles". I wonder who buys a bunch of models for over 100 Euro that cost 35 Euro just a few months ago. Certainly not me. I love the LotR miniatures but I have a pain threshold. For now I have still 300 unpainted miniatures left (recently counted them), but there are other model ranges and every single one is suitable for dioramas.

If things go on with the LotR tabletop like this (and I fear they will), I am going to switch to another miniature range sooner or later. Any suggestions?