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My name is Sebastian, I live in southern germany and I work as an engineer for a german automotive company. I started the wargaming hobby about twelve years ago and have been a more or less active hobbyist. I started with the GW Lord of the Rings tabletop, but I am interested in other systems aswell. In the early years I attended several games and tournaments. After a time I figured I was more interested in the painting, sculpting and building terrain than the actual gaming. So I became more of a collector, arranging my miniatures in showcases and dioramas rather than leading them into battle.


What motivates me to write a blog about showcasing wargaminig miniatures? I would like to give two answers here. First I am going to tell you what motivates me about the wargaming tabletop hobby. Then I will talk about why i am starting a new blog as there are already a bunch of very good and resourceful wargaming blogs out there.

Why I like showcasing my wargaming miniatures

The wargaming hobby is so rich of different and interesting aspects. In my opinion the highly detailed miniatures and terrains are absolutly fascinating. From swordwielding knights to ravaging beasts, dark cultists to postapocalyptic war machines everything is possible. The miniatures are incredibly detailed. Just looking at the unpainted minis gives me a first impression and then my imagination takes the lead. Now things are only limited by my creativity and skills. Do I use the standard poses and equipment? Do I rearrange the poses or sculpt something completly unique? Do I paint it in a standard pattern or am I going for a twisted dark version with weatherd armor or a shining, clean one fresh form the armory? Am I aiming for a good tabltop standard or go the extra mile with multiple colorlayers and freehands for an outstanding hero? Do I paint with an airbrush or regular ones?
Terrain and base design are challenging in a different way. Here I have to create every detail myself. Does my mini venture through rough and rocky terrain, green grasslands or a desolated desert? What about adding some extra detail with ruins and debries, maybe a slain oppenent or a blast crater? The opportunites are countless and yet only limited by my imagination.
What motivates me about showcasing the miniatures is really the aspect of storytelling. Every miniatures tells its very own one. Let me give some examples:
The ranger from Ithilien wraped in his green and brown vestments and cloak which are wheatered from the countless days of watch in the forests. An arrow on his bow he waits concealed between rocks and high grass to strike on an unwary foe. 
The fierce space marine sergeant carrying honor badges and tokens from dozens of campaigns. Too brave to wear a helmet he traded an eye for a brutal scar facing a savage opponent in melee with his chainsword. His power armor bears the marks of heavy battles. Standing firm between glowing pools of toxic waste on a twisted forsaken planet to fulfill his duty to save mankind.
Telling the story with my miniatures I soon reached the geometric boundries of the miniature itself. I started building environments to enhance the atmosphere and impression. To showcase my wargaming miniatures I build army displays and dioramas resembling haunted castles, deep caverns, dark forests and medival villages. As my very special feature I include lights to the scene to add some mood to it.

What are my intentions to write a new blog

As you probably know there is a huge active community of wargamers out there. People showing their work on youtube and sharing their experience have been a great inspiration for me and helped me to improve my own skills. At this point I would like to contribute to this community with my ideas, concepts and expierence. But there are already a lot of talented artists out there doing tutorials on painting, airbrushing and gaming that are way above my painting skills. True, that's why this blog will be more focused on showcasing your miniatues in a display than the actual painting of the minis (but I may cover this from time to time aswell). This blog will be about building dioramas and showcases, how to include LED lights and simple soldered circuits, which materials and tools I use and some easy and advanced techniques in building, finishing and painting.
I would like to see my work as a source of resource and inspiration. I am not going to give instruction on how to rebuild my stuff one to one, but I am going to provide you with the information and advice to realise your own ideas. This is a hobby to me and I don't have commercial interests with this blog. I am not a brush or sculpter for hire and I don't intend to become one.

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